How to transfer Videos from iPhone Default Video Application to Camera Roll

There is a situation that you want to edit your videos/movies from your iTunes library or videos already inside your iPhone default video app. But most of movie/video editor available in the app store can only access/use videos in Camera Roll, in that case you will need to learn how to transfer video from your iTunes Library Home Video to your iPhone/iPad Camera Roll.


1. First, Go to App store
2. Search and type to the search bar "Video 2 Camera Roll".

3. Install the Video 2 Camera roll App to your iDevice.
4. Open the application then tap the video that you want to transfer to your Camera Roll.
5. Tap the "Save to Camera Roll" Button.
6. Wait for transfer to finish.
7. Once the transfer is done, go now to your Camera Roll to see if the video is successfully transferred.

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