How to Register Globe LTE Pocket WiFi to Globe Internet Promo

Most users, when they register their globe pocket wifi to globe internet promo, what they do is, they remove the sim card to pocket wifi then insert it to any smart phone and do the registration, but actually you can do it without removing your sim card to your pocket wifi. Using the Old Globe 4g pocket WiFi, you can use the HUAWEIHiLink App, but for the new Globe LTE pocket WiFi, there is no app available, so you need to access the router the same way like ordinary router (PLDT, Cisco Router), for you to do the globe internet promo registration without removing sim card.    

This tutorial will show you step by step on how to register your Globe LTE Pocket WiFi to globe internet promo without removing your sim card to your pocket WiFi. 

You can use any device like Android Phone, iPhone/iPad, desktop computer or laptop. From this tutorial I'm gonna use my iPhone. 

Kindly follow the steps below. 


1. Connect your device to your Pocket WiFi. You can connect through WiFi or wired. 
2. From your device, open your internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc..)
3. Go to the address bar of your internet browser then type this IP address to enter the management page. 

User Name: admin
Password: admin

4. Go to SMS then click or tap the "New" button to contract your sms message registration. 

5. From the first textbox, enter number "8080" which the number globe use for promo registration, then from the second box is the registration promo keyword, example: GOTSCOMBODD70 

6. Once you supply the information of your globe promo that you want to register, then click "Send" button. 
7. Go to SMS -> Inbox to check for the message from Globe if you successfully registered. 

Tips: This process will work on future release pocket wifi, you just need to remember important information of your pocket wifi like pocket wifi wifi password, ip address, username and password. If you know all that information, just apply the same process. Future pocket wifi will show different interface, just explore the interface and menu to check and see the settings that you are looking for. 

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