How to Setup PLDT Home WiFi Repeater (Prolink PWN3701)

PLDT WiFi Repeater is essential if you want to extend or expand your Internet coverage. So, It works by receiving your existing WiFi signal from your Main Router, then amplifying it and then transmitting the boosted signal to other area which this WiFi Repeater located. So this is essential to the area where the Wi-Fi signal from your main router isn't strong enough. On this article I will show you how to set up this PLDT WiFi Repeater/Extender. 

WiFi Repeater Set Up

-Plug the WiFi Repeater into the electrical socket and power on the 
electrical socket. The Power LED on WiFi Repeater will illuminate. 
Wait until the WLAN and WPS LEDs light up. 

Setting Up A Wireless Connection. 

Thing to know:
root AP- root Access Point (Main Router you want to connect your WiFi Repeater)
PLDTHOMEREPEATER- WiFi name of your WiFi Repeater

You can use any device like android, apple device, or any device which has internet browser.

Step 1
- Go to your device settings where you can see wireless network list. From the wireless network list, Select the PLDTHOMEREPEATER WiFi then Connect. 
- Open Web Browser on your Device and Type the default IP address of your WiFi Repeater
which is in the browser's address box. 
- You will see repeater log in box. The default username is "admin" and password is "1234"

Step 2
- Click on Quick Setup Wizard -> Start 

Step 3
Click <Next> The repeater will scan and find the available wireless network.

Step 4
- Select the wireless network or Root AP that you want to connect to and click on <Next>

Step 5 
- Key in the wireless password of the wireless router or root AP, and click on <Next> to proceed. 

Step 6 
- Check and confirm if the information are correct. Click <Finish> and the WiFi Repeater will attempt to connect to the root AP. 

After two minutes, try to browse the internet using internet browser to see if you successfully connect your PLDT WiFi Repeater to your root AP (Main Router).  

Important: Please obtain the wireless password from the owner of the wireless router or root AP. The repeater will not able to connect to the wireless router or root APif the password is incorrect. 

Note: The Signal Strength LED's will illuminate to show the link quality once connected to the root AP. 

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June 6, 2018 at 8:12 AM delete

The username "admin" and password "1234" does not work. Help.