How To transfer Music From iPhone Music Library via SHAREit

Its easy to share photos, videos, documents or any other files from your iPhone/iPod/iPad to your friends using the most popular file transfer application which is the SHAREit. But how about sharing music? In android devices, its not a big deal to transfer music files, but on iPhone, its not that easy. Due to Apple's privacy policy, apple doesn't allow you to share/transfer music from your music library using the SHAREit app. But, hey, this tutorial will show you a trick on how you can do it.   

Here is the instruction on how to share music from your iPhone/iPod/iPad music library via SHAREit. 


1. Download Documents 6 application from the app store. 

2. Open the documents 6 app. 
3. Go to "iPod Library" Folder. This folder contains music from your iPhone/iPod/Ipad music library. Like the SHAREit app, you can also browse your iPhone music library using this application. 

4. Tap the three dot icon from the right side of the music you want to share.


5. Tap share then "Copy to SHAREit". 


6. SHAREit app will now scan for available receiver to send the music. SHAREit app also have now the copy of the music that you share which you can find in My Files - > inbox folder of your SHAREit app. 


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How to Reset PLDT Home Fibr Router

You may want to reset your PLDT Home Fibr Router for several reasons. Some reasons are can't remember the administrator's password, can't remember the wifi password, connectivity issues (either with clients or with the Internet connection). On this tutorial, you will learn how to reset your PLDT Home Fibr Router.
Note: When you reset a wireless router, you will lose all settings including the following:

      - Router user account username and password
      - Wi-Fi username and password
      - Any portforwards you have set up
      - Any firewall settings you have made 
      - Basically, any configuration changes that you have made to your router.


1. Power on your Router. 
2. Locate, on the back of your PLDT router, the small button that reads Reset.

3. Straighten a paper clip and insert the end into the opening for the Reset button. Hold the button for 10 seconds.
4. Wait for your Power, DSL and Internet lights to activate.
5. As I said, when you reset your router, you will lose all settings you have made. 

PLDT Home Fibr Default Router User Account
user 1
username: admin
password: 1234
user 2
username: adminpldt
password: 1234567890 

How to Register Globe LTE Pocket WiFi to Globe Internet Promo

Most users, when they register their globe pocket wifi to globe internet promo, what they do is, they remove the sim card to pocket wifi then insert it to any smart phone and do the registration, but actually you can do it without removing your sim card to your pocket wifi. Using the Old Globe 4g pocket WiFi, you can use the HUAWEIHiLink App, but for the new Globe LTE pocket WiFi, there is no app available, so you need to access the router the same way like ordinary router (PLDT, Cisco Router), for you to do the globe internet promo registration without removing sim card.    

This tutorial will show you step by step on how to register your Globe LTE Pocket WiFi to globe internet promo without removing your sim card to your pocket WiFi. 

You can use any device like Android Phone, iPhone/iPad, desktop computer or laptop. From this tutorial I'm gonna use my iPhone. 

Kindly follow the steps below. 


1. Connect your device to your Pocket WiFi. You can connect through WiFi or wired. 
2. From your device, open your internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc..)
3. Go to the address bar of your internet browser then type this IP address to enter the management page. 

User Name: admin
Password: admin

4. Go to SMS then click or tap the "New" button to contract your sms message registration. 

5. From the first textbox, enter number "8080" which the number globe use for promo registration, then from the second box is the registration promo keyword, example: GOTSCOMBODD70 

6. Once you supply the information of your globe promo that you want to register, then click "Send" button. 
7. Go to SMS -> Inbox to check for the message from Globe if you successfully registered. 

Tips: This process will work on future release pocket wifi, you just need to remember important information of your pocket wifi like pocket wifi wifi password, ip address, username and password. If you know all that information, just apply the same process. Future pocket wifi will show different interface, just explore the interface and menu to check and see the settings that you are looking for. 

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How to Change Admin User Password in PLDT Home Fibr Router

When you avail PLDT Internet connection, its router is configured with factory default settings. When you use the local web address to access your router's interface/settings page, you just need to use the default username and password. That means that users that connected to your WiFi internet can go directly to your router's settings page and change your router's configuration. To avoid that, and to improve the security of your network, change the default password. 


1. Plug your PLDT Home Fibr router in your PC/Laptop via LAN then when status connected open your favorite browser then type this IP address press endter and you will redirect to login page.

There are two default user accounts in pldt routers. The "admin" and the "adminpldt" user account. The admin account is the basic user account which you can access basic settings, and the adminpldt is account where you can access your full router settings. 

Username: admin
Password: 1234

User Name: adminpldt
Password: 1234567890

Note: If you can't access the page, please go to this link for the solution.

2. Go to Management -> User Account

3. From the list, select the user you want to change the password. Type the new password, and confirm password for that user then click the apply button. 

4. For changing the password for "adminpldt" user account. Go to Management -> Maintenance Account, type the New Password then Confirm Password, then click Apply button. 

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PLDT Home Fibr Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Answers

I listed all the frequenly asked questions about sa PLDT Home Fibr Videos ko, at para di na ako mapagod kakasagot, gumawa nalang ako ng page para sagutin ang mga tanong ninyo :-). Kung meron pa kayong ibang concerns, leave comment below then I'll answer as soon as possible and I'll add din dito sa list.

1. Can't access the GUI, you can try this fix Fix: Can't Access PLDT Home Fibr GUI 
Check this link:

2.  Hindi Po gumagana yung password na 1234567890 sakin.   
Maaaring pinalitan ng PLDT Tech ang password mo. Para maibalik sa dati, need mo ireset ang router mo. 

3. Where I can find the username and password of my router
First of all the username and password is different from the wifi name and wifi password. the username and password of router is the credential that you need to enter the router settings. For most pldt router, there are two default users
1. username: admin
    password: 1234
2. username: adminpldt
    password: 1234567890 
 -Normally and nilalagay lang nila sa router is the basic user, which is user in number 1. Basic interface settings lang ang makikita niyo pag yan ang ginamit niyo. Mas ok gamitin ang "adminpldt" na user, to access your router's complete settings. 

4. Pano po malalaman yung bagong password/Name/Username nung wifi kapag ni reset?
WiFi name and password usually located at the back of your router 

5. I forgot my WiFi password.  
- If you just forgot your wifi password but you still have device na nakaconnect sa internet mo, you can go to router settings page and change your password using the device that still connected.
- If you have computer that can connect to your router using wire connection, just plug in your computer to your router then go to your router settings page and change your wifi password. 
 - If hindi mo magagawa ang dalawa sa taas, you better reset your router, all settings ay babalik

6. Ok lang po ba kung cp ang gamit sa pagpapalit ng wifi password?
You can user any device that can connec to your internet and has internet browser like smartphone, laptop, desktop computer. 

7. Pano mag unblock ng wifi user? 
Kung napanood niyo po ang video ko na paano magblock, just reverse the process or normally kasi pag nagblock ka iaad mo sa deny listed or block list ang isang device. to unblock just remove the device dun sa block listed. 

How to Transfer Videos/Movies from Computer to iPhone Wirelessly

Don’t have the patience to attach the iPhone to your computer every time you want to transfer a video file? So do it wirelessly! 

There is no easy way to transfer video file from your computer to your default video app, that's why I search the app store for the app that can do the wireless transfer for me, and I found the VLC, which is now the best app for me because not only is it free, but it will also basically play any kind of video file you throw at it.

How to transfer video/movies from your computer to your iPhone


1. Make sure both your computer and the iOS device are on the same Wi-Fi network.
2. Then open the VLC app on your iOS device, and tap the vlc icon from the tap left corner.

3. From the sidebar menu, tap the “Sharing via WiFi” button to turn it on, It will now change to show an IP address and a “.local” address.

 4. Go to your computer, and open your favorite browser (chrome, firefox, safart etc), then type the ip address or the local address from the vlc app.
5. This will take you to a page where you can either select the video/movies you want to transfer using the “+” at the right side of the screen or you can just drop in the files to the page. You can transfer video files vice versa. 

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How to reset Globe LTE Pocket WiFi

You may want to reset your Globe LTE Pocket WiFi for several reasons. Some reasons are
    - can't remember the wifi password    
    - can't remember the administrator's password
    - connectivity issues 
When you reset your pocket wifi the following settings are changed: 
     - Pocket WiFi username and password 
     - Wi-Fi username and password
     - Any portforwards you have set up
     - Any firewall settings you have made 
     - Basically, any configuration changes that you have made to your pocket wifi.

1. Power on your Pocket WiFi. 
2. Locate, on the back of your pocket wifi, the small button that reads Reset.

3. Straighten a paper clip and insert the end into the opening for the Reset button. Hold the button for 10 seconds.
4. The signal, wifi, message and battery lights will reset

For Globe LTE Pocket WiFi Videos. Please check this link 

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