Download Free Movies on iPhone NO PC /NO JAILBREAK | 2017!

Same as you, I'm also looking for the best way to download movies for free on my iPhone/iPad. So I created this tutorial to show you how to DOWNLOAD Movies on your iPhone/iPad/iPod for absolutely for FREE . 


How to Download Free Movie

1. Go to App Store and search for "Documents 5" application and install it on your iPhone. We need the built in internet browser of the Documents 5 application because you cannot download videos/movies to your iPhone using safari, google chrome, or any other stand alone internet browser available at app store. Documents 5 has a file manager where you can save downloaded files unlike ordinary internet browser.

2. Open the Documents 5 application and go to its built-in internet browser by tapping the icon from the bottom right corner.

3. Go to this link , or you can also go to list of Free Movie Download Sites.  


4. You can see movies inside folders which arranged by year. 

5. Go inside the folder you want and select movies you want to download. 
6. Most of the videos are in .mkv file format. To play the video on your iPhone, you need to download and install VLC video player in App Store. 

How to Play Downloaded Movie using VLC

1. Go to the folder where your downloaded movie located.  By default it is located at "Downloads" Folder.

2. Tap the edit at the top left corner then select the movie. 

3. Tap "More" at the bottom left corner then select "Open in"

4. Select "Copy to VLC"  

5. After you tap "Copy to VLC", it will try send a copy of the video to your VLC app. Please wait the sending process to finish. Once its done, go to your VLC app to play your downloaded movie.  

Note If you lock the screen while downloading, the download will stop. So, after starting download press the home button, then lock the screen you will get a notification when the downloads completes. 

How to Change Globe LTE Pocket WiFi Password (YOUWIN M022)

To all Globe LTE pocket WiFi ( YOUWIN M022 model) users who wants to change the WiFi password of their device, this tutorial will show you step by step on how to do it. 

For changing WiFi password of your Globe LTE Pocket WiFi, you can use any device like Android Phone, iPhone/iPad, desktop computer or laptop. 

Kindly follow the steps below. 


1. Connect your device to your Pocket WiFi. You can connect through WiFi or wired. 
2. Open your internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc..)
3. Go to the address bar of your internet browser then type this IP address to enter the management page. 

User Name: admin
Password: admin

4. You can choose quick settings if you want to set up your pocket WiFi settings, but if you just want to change the WiFi password, click skip. 

5. Go to Wireless > Wireless Security Settings
6. Then password textbox, is your pocket WiFi password, type your desired password then click save. 

You can now connect to your Globe LTE pocket WiFi using your new password. 

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Transfer Photos/Videos from Computer to iPhone/iPad without Cable

iTunes is the default application that manages your iPhone Photos and Vidoes, you can use the "Import Pictures and Videos" utility to transfer photos from your Windows computer to iPhone's Camera Roll. However, to transfer photos and videos to your iPhone using iTunes, cable is required, What if there is no cable at hand? So this tutorial will show you how to transfer photos/videos from your computer to your iPhone camera roll wirelessly (without cable). 


  • Make sure your iOS device and the computer are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Go to App store and install airmore application. 

Connect iPhone to AirMore web
  •     Open airmore application on your phone and from your computer go to
  •     If you choose QR code for connecting your computer to your iPhone, Tap “Scan to connect” on your iPhone and scan the QR code that you see in website.
  •     If you choose to connect in Radar, click your device icon in Radar on the AirMore web and tap “Accept” when a connection request pops up on your phone. Again, Make sure your phone and PC are in the same WiFi network for successful connection.
Transfer Photos/Videos
  •     Once connected, click “Pictures” on the left hand of the webpage, where you can see all the photos stored on your phone.
  •     Click “Import” and you can transfer photos from computer to your iPhone without cable.

Note: If you want to transfer videos, Just click the Videos" on the left hand of the webpage and do the same process of how you transfer your photos. 

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How to Reset PLDT Home DSL Router

You may want to reset your PLDT Router for several reasons. Some reasons are
    - can't remember the administrator's password
    - can't remember the wifi password
    - connectivity issues (either with clients or with the Internet connection)
Several different router reset methods can be used depending on the situation.


When you reset your router the following settings are changed:
     - Router username and password
     - Wi-Fi username and password
     - Any portforwards you have set up
     - Any firewall settings you have made
     - Basically, any configuration changes that you have made to your router.


1. Power on your Router. 
2. Locate, on the back of your PLDT router, the small button that reads Reset.

3. Straighten a paper clip and insert the end into the opening for the Reset button. Hold the button for 10 seconds.
4. Wait for your Power, DSL and Internet lights to activate

You can do the same method on other PLDT Plan, like PLDT MyDSL, PLDT Home Fibr, PLDT Ulter. 


Nowadays, listening to music from Android devices are now easier than before, because of many available apps out there that makes it easier for you to download music. 

On this tutorial you will get the best music experience on your android device using one of the best android music application, FILDO


1. Go to your Android device then, go to settings > security
2. Enable/Check  unknown sources settings. By enabling it, you allow installation of applications from uknown sources, or application outside Google Play Store.

3. Download FILDO Android Application here, and install it on your android device.

4. Open the application
5. You can find instruction below on how to play/download music using the Fildo Music Application. 



Note: If you will use other music application after you download music from Fildo application, other music player need to re-scan your device for music files to load newly downloaded music. 

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How to Transfer Music from SHAREit App to iPhone/iPad/iPod Music Library

You received music from share it app from your friend's apple device and you want to transfer that music to your iPhone default music app. Due to Apple's privacy policy, the transferred songs are available only on SHAREit's allocated memory. This means that the songs cannot be used by the default Music player or any other music player. You can only play it in SHAREit. 

On this article, I will show you how to transfer music from your SHAREit App to your iPhone/iPad Default music App.  

Since we cannot transfer the music from SHAREit App directly to your iPhone/iPad Music Library, what we gonna need to do is we gonna save it first to our computer, then after saving to computer, transfer it to iPhone/iPad music library. 

Temporary Transfer Music from SHAREit App to Windows Computer

1. Open your computer
2. Make sure that you have iTunes installed on your computer. If you don't have iTunes, you can download it here, and install it to your computer. 
3. Open your iTunes and plug in your iPhone/iPad
4. Click the device icon from the Top Left Corner of iTunes.   

5. Go to Apps from the Left Corner Menu.
6. Scroll down until you see File Sharing apps. Then click the SHAREit App.

7. Click the music folder from the right which contains file folders from your SHAREit App. 
8. Once you click the music folder, click the "Save to" button to select folder where you want to temporarily save music from your SHAREit App to your computer. 
9. Once you select the folder, it will automatically transfer music from your SHAREit App music folder to the folder you selected. 

Transfer the Music from Temporary Folder You selected to iPhone/iPad Music Library

1. Go to iTunes -> Summary 
2. Scroll down until you see Options
3. Check Manually manage music and videos from options list then click apply button. 

4. Go to On My Device - > Music 

5. Browse the folder where your saved music from your SHAREit app. 
6. Drag the music from the folder to your iTunes Music Library/List. 
7. Go to your iPhone/iPad default music application to check the music if its successfully transferred.  
8. ENJOY!!!

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How to Totally Hide Photos/Videos in your iPhone/iPad/iPod Camera Roll

Everyone has a few photos inside on their iPhone they don't want nobody else to see like a picture of x-boyfiend, x-girl friend, your secret crush, a picture of a receipt or personal paperwork, or anything else in the realm of private photos. This video will show you How to Hide Photos/Videos in your iPhone/iPad/iPod Camera Roll