How to Block WiFi User on PLDT MyDSL

This Tutorial will show you hot to block WiFi user on your PLDT MyDSL Router

1. Connect to your PLDT MyDSL Router via WiFi using any device like PC/Laptop, android phone/tablet, apple device etc. which has browser. When you're connected, open your favorite browser then type to the browser's address bar "" without quotes, and a box pop out will request log in, type this.

User Name: adminpldt
Password: 1234567890

2. Go to Wireless - > Access Control

3. Set Wireless Access Control Mode to "Deny Listed"
4. Insert the MAC Address of the device you want to block to the MAC Address Text box same format as example indicated to the right side of the MAC Address Text box then click Apply Changes button. 
5. If you want to browse devices currently connected to your router, go to Wireless - > Basic Settings then click Show Active Clients button. 

6. Copy the MAC Address of the device that you want to block then follow the instruction at number 4. 

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