How to Change Globe LTE Pocket WiFi Huawei E5573Cs-933 WiFi Password


1. Download HUAWEI HiLink App from the App store if your are using apple device and google play store if you are using android device. 

2. Turn on your pocket wifi. 
3. Go to WiFi settings of your device (Smartphone) and connect to your WiFi pocket. 

4. Open the HUAWEI HiLink App. The first time you use the app, you need to log in. The default password is "admin". 

5. Go to "Settings" then "My Wi-Fi"

Wi-Fi name: Your Pocket WiFi Name (SSID) 
Password: Your WiFi Password
Hide SSID:  You can check Hide SSID if you want to set your wifi as hidden. 

Note: If the SSID is hidden, you must manually enter the SSID (WiFi name) of your pocket WiFi to your device.

How to Add Hidden WiFi on iPhone/iPad/iPod
How to Add Hidden WiFi on Android Device

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