Download Free Movies on iPhone NO PC /NO JAILBREAK | 2017!

Same as you, I'm also looking for the best way to download movies for free on my iPhone/iPad. So I created this tutorial to show you how to DOWNLOAD Movies on your iPhone/iPad/iPod for absolutely for FREE . 


How to Download Free Movie

1. Go to App Store and search for "Documents 5" application and install it on your iPhone. We need the built in internet browser of the Documents 5 application because you cannot download videos/movies to your iPhone using safari, google chrome, or any other stand alone internet browser available at app store. Documents 5 has a file manager where you can save downloaded files unlike ordinary internet browser.

2. Open the Documents 5 application and go to its built-in internet browser by tapping the icon from the bottom right corner.

3. Go to this link , or you can also go to list of Free Movie Download Sites.  


4. You can see movies inside folders which arranged by year. 

5. Go inside the folder you want and select movies you want to download. 
6. Most of the videos are in .mkv file format. To play the video on your iPhone, you need to download and install VLC video player in App Store. 

How to Play Downloaded Movie using VLC

1. Go to the folder where your downloaded movie located.  By default it is located at "Downloads" Folder.

2. Tap the edit at the top left corner then select the movie. 

3. Tap "More" at the bottom left corner then select "Open in"

4. Select "Copy to VLC"  

5. After you tap "Copy to VLC", it will try send a copy of the video to your VLC app. Please wait the sending process to finish. Once its done, go to your VLC app to play your downloaded movie.  

Note If you lock the screen while downloading, the download will stop. So, after starting download press the home button, then lock the screen you will get a notification when the downloads completes. 

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