How to Transfer Music from SHAREit App to iPhone/iPad/iPod Music Library

You received music from share it app from your friend's apple device and you want to transfer that music to your iPhone default music app. Due to Apple's privacy policy, the transferred songs are available only on SHAREit's allocated memory. This means that the songs cannot be used by the default Music player or any other music player. You can only play it in SHAREit. 

On this article, I will show you how to transfer music from your SHAREit App to your iPhone/iPad Default music App.  

Since we cannot transfer the music from SHAREit App directly to your iPhone/iPad Music Library, what we gonna need to do is we gonna save it first to our computer, then after saving to computer, transfer it to iPhone/iPad music library. 

Temporary Transfer Music from SHAREit App to Windows Computer

1. Open your computer
2. Make sure that you have iTunes installed on your computer. If you don't have iTunes, you can download it here, and install it to your computer. 
3. Open your iTunes and plug in your iPhone/iPad
4. Click the device icon from the Top Left Corner of iTunes.   

5. Go to Apps from the Left Corner Menu.
6. Scroll down until you see File Sharing apps. Then click the SHAREit App.

7. Click the music folder from the right which contains file folders from your SHAREit App. 
8. Once you click the music folder, click the "Save to" button to select folder where you want to temporarily save music from your SHAREit App to your computer. 
9. Once you select the folder, it will automatically transfer music from your SHAREit App music folder to the folder you selected. 

Transfer the Music from Temporary Folder You selected to iPhone/iPad Music Library

1. Go to iTunes -> Summary 
2. Scroll down until you see Options
3. Check Manually manage music and videos from options list then click apply button. 

4. Go to On My Device - > Music 

5. Browse the folder where your saved music from your SHAREit app. 
6. Drag the music from the folder to your iTunes Music Library/List. 
7. Go to your iPhone/iPad default music application to check the music if its successfully transferred.  
8. ENJOY!!!

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