How To Change Android MAC Address Without Rooting

There are many reasons that you want to change the MAC address of your Android device. For instance, if you want to connect to the WiFi then it will be a good idea to change the MAC address temporarily to protect your privacy, there is also an instance that your router has a blocking feature and you accidentally blocked your own device, so you want to change your device MAC address to be able to connect again to your router.

Note: This only works only for Chamelephon devices/any MediaTek device


1. Go to Play Store and Search for "ChameleMAC", then install it to your android device.

2. Once you installed it. Open the App

3. You can now change your device MAC Address from the MAC Textbox, or you can tap the button "Generate random MAC" to provide MAC for you.

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This article is really helpful and also helped to change mac address

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