How to Limit device/user can access to PLDT Home DSL WiFi/Internet

This tutorial will teach you How to Limit device/user can access to PLDT Home DSL WiFi/Internet.


1. Plug your PLDT Home DSL router in your PC/Laptop via LAN then when status connected open your favorite browser then type this IP address and a box pop out will request log in type this.

Default user with admin rights
User Name: adminpldt
Password: 1234567890

Default user ONLY no admin access
User Name: admin
Pass: 1234

2. Go to Advance -> Others -> Client Limit

3. Click "Enable" option for Client Limit Capability.
4. Once you click the "Enable" option, textbox for Maximum Devices will appear. You can now specify to the textbox of how many device can access to Internet.

5. Click Apply Changes button.
6. To make your Config effective forever, click the save button at the left corner.

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